What Car Had the Best Seat You’ve Ever Sat In?

I don’t know if I have time to claim an ultimate favorite this morning, but two car seats come to my mind among the best and one will surprise you.

byAndrew P. Collins|
QOTD photo
Aston Martin


"Comfort" is relative—it means different things in different cars. You wouldn't want Porsche Clubsport seats in a Maybach, which is why I'm keeping this question a little broad: What car had the best automotive seat you've ever sat in?

I'll be curious to see if more people come out in favor of rolling living room thrones or big-bolster racing seats.

I've been sniffing around seat science lately in a so-far futile quest to make the stocker in my eighth-gen Civic not terrible. My butt goes numb after about 90 minutes in that thing, and it's only got a little over 100,000 miles on it. Maybe they were hard miles with a very heavy pilot.

I'm not going to drop a racing seat in because I don't want to hamper the supplemental restraint system. But I have been experimenting with a lot of different cushions and covers. I'll report back if I have any luck.

Speaking of Civics, the FK8 Type R has great front seats; racy without being impossible to live with daily. I've been lucky enough to sample quite a few different factory and aftermarket seats in my years testing cars, and while I don't know if I have time to claim an ultimate favorite this morning, two cars come to mind among the best and one will surprise you.

My first thought is the Aston Martin DB11. That company really knows how to do interiors, man. Well, the push-button shifter still doesn't do it for me, but the seats and materials are fabulous. It had the kind of leather you'd expect on a king's saddle, which I expect is exactly what the designers were going for.

But another car I always think about when it comes to seat comfort is the third-gen Nissan Murano. I know! I know. The top-trim in that thing though, the seat seemed almost infinitely adjustable. And it had just the right balance of give and tautness. Nissan even had (still has) a cheeky name for them: "Zero Gravity" seats. I loved them so much on the launch of that car, almost a decade ago now, that I still think about them.