What’s Your ‘Last Lap’ Car?

If death was imminent, which car (new or old) would you choose for one last flying lap?

It’s Friday, which means it’s time to ponder personality-revealing but practically meaningless theoretical questions. I was going down a YouTube rabbit hole the other day and came across the topic of what various celebrity chefs and food personalities would have as their last meal. Then, I started thinking about the automotive equivalent: What would be your “last lap” car?

That is, if you were condemned to death but somehow could conjure any car ever made, new or old, for one last all-out blast on a racetrack, what would you choose?

One easy and, I suspect, popular answer would be the Porsche 911 GT3 RS—pick a generation, any generation. As long as it’s manual, right? Or perhaps you’re more of a Ferrari person, in which case, something like the 458 Speciale or F40 are the likely holy grail choices.

For my Honda-loving, Gran Turismo-playing self, it may have to be the 2002 Honda NSX-R—the facelift one. The lightened one. The one with Championship White wheels. The pinnacle of the first-gen NSX and, transitively, the arguable pinnacle of motoring as an idea. Let’s do it at Suzuka, I’ll bring the loafers.

A very close second choice, though: Lexus LFA.

But what about you? With access to absolutely anything in automotive history, what car would you take for one final flyer?


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