What Interior/Exterior Car Color Combination Is Underrated?

My kingdom for a car with a rich, buttery, caramel-colored interior and a sleek silver paint job.

There are a few color combinations we see on cars all the time. Silver paint with black leather, red paint with tan leather, and I guess any version of black insides with dark or white exteriors. But what interior/exterior color combos do you like that we don’t see enough of?

I love blues, greens, and reds on automotive exteriors, and I think they all look good with tan or khaki-colored upholstery. But one color combination I go absolutely crazy for, that I’ve only seen rarely, is a silver exterior with a rich caramel-tan interior.

I stumbled on this top-down photo of a Jaguar F-Type SVR droptop while seeking inspiration for a question prompt and it stopped me in my tracks. It just looks so … classy. Regal, even. I know silvers, greys, and tones in between are not particularly adventurous paint choices, but I do think they’re consistently solid picks for a clean and sporty look.

Silvers show off a car design well, and I think the same can be said for tans and browns in interiors. Black leather is fine and neutral, but a deep tan like what’s in this Jag has such a sumptuous and interesting look. It’s unique without being outrageous. I love it.

This is going to sound random and age me at the same time, but I first got turned on to silver-on-tan playing the original Midnight Club racing game on PlayStation 2. One of the early cars you unlock is an unlicensed Lexus IS300/BMW sport sedan knockoff, and while its interior color is always set to tan you can cycle through a few exterior options. One such option is a silver or maybe an off-white with blue graphics.

Ever since playing that, circa the dawn of the current millennium, I’ve been wishing I could own a silver-on-tan car someday. Maybe I’ll interior swap my wife’s silver E46.