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I Should Totally Buy This Corvette Race Car Cover for My Honda Civic

It's like a life-size diecast race car.

I’m a big fan of the Chevy Corvette. They’re cool-looking, high-performance cars that thrive on sticking it to the high-dollar Europeans. And while I’ve been lucky enough to drive a few, track some, and even see them race at Daytona, Road Atlanta, and Le Mans, I don’t have a Corvette to call my own. That could soon change(ish) now that I know Chevy sells these licensed Corvette C8.R indoor car covers.

We recently named the Corvette E-Ray The Drive‘s Best Performance Car of 2023, which prompted me to check out Chevy’s online configurator and build my own. After choosing my exterior and interior color, packages, and all kinds of other stuff, it showed me a few miscellaneous accessories available for the ‘Vette. In most car configurators, these are usually boring items like engine block heaters, mud flaps (sorry WRX bois), first aid kits, and whatnot. However, I was pleasantly surprised when I saw a sweet car cover adorned with the C8.R race car livery from IMSA.

Not only that, but I could choose from either the yellow No. 3 car or the silver No. 4 car. As a fan of Corvette Racing—and given the fact that 2023 marks the final year for Corvette’s factory racing efforts—I found this to be a good opportunity to snag a cool memento of a car that will undoubtedly be immortalized.

I’m kidding. I won’t actually buy this for my Honda Civic, but only because these covers aren’t cheap. The yellow car cover retails for $1,275 while the silver one is slightly cheaper at $1,195. Oh, and if you’re not a fan of the C8, you can still score a C7.R cover, which is super sweet. Of course, that car cover is tailored for the C7 and not the C8.

Maybe one day these will be a couple of hundred bucks on Facebook Marketplace and I’ll buy one and throw it on the good ‘ol Civic. For what it’s worth, I think it’d look hilarious.

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