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This F1 Car Is Made Out of 130 Pounds of Chocolate

It's almost too beautiful to eat. Almost.
Amaury Guichon YouTube

Swiss-born chef and master chocolatier Amaury Guichon creates unreal sculptures. Past artistry includes a motorcycle, a skateboard, and even a life-size bar made of Belgian chocolate. Lately, he has done some high-profile reels with celebrities, including J Balvin and Marshmello. But my favorite, I must admit, is his most recent design: a half-size replica of a Formula 1 car.

With flair often reserved for stage magicians, Guichon showed off the process on his Instagram channel. He melts and pours the chocolate into a series of custom molds, shaping and grating it before “painting” the body with edible materials and assembling it all together. Seven days and 130 pounds of dark chocolate later; his masterpiece was complete. And presumably, ready to eat.

Guichon’s attention to detail is astounding. He started by creating a chassis carved from chocolate and added pieces for the halo, suspension, exhaust, nose cone, front wing, and wide slick tires wrapped around realistic wheels. The man is unbelievably talented. And by the way, if you want to learn from Guichon, he teaches seven-week courses in chocolate, pastries, and desserts at his facility in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Don’t expect to build masterpieces like this on your own any time soon, however. Guichon started training in his craft at age 14.

The only question that remains is: which team does it represent? It bears a red and black color scheme, which is, of course, Ferrari. However, the number 14 is displayed prominently, which belongs to Aston Martin driver Fernando Alonso. I’m also curious to know how one eats a sculpture like this. Maybe it makes sense to break off the front wing and go backward from there.

F1’s own Instagram account chimed in the comments saying, “Taking the choc-ered flag.” Mercedes-Benz commented, “This is amazing, now we just need one in black and teal.” What’s next? Keep your eye on Guichon for more.

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