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Honda Will Reveal a Wedge-Shaped ‘Global’ EV at CES in January

It will be part of a whole new series of electric cars from Honda.

Honda has announced that it will bring an all-new series of electric vehicles to the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in January. The only technical detail the company issued was that the EVs would be “global” products, meaning they’ll be sold practically everywhere, the U.S. included. Most interestingly, however, the announcement came with a single teaser photo: the simple, chiseled nose of a very low-slung car.

The image you see above, by the way, has been edited to be a lot less secretive. For the record, here’s the original image Honda sent out:


While it isn’t enough for us to concretely tell everyone to expect a capital-S sports car, it’s a decent bet considering how low this thing sits and that Honda has previously committed to a couple of electric sports car concepts. And at least one of those is widely speculated to be the precursor to an electric third-gen NSX, a car Acura boss Vice President and Brand Officer Jon Ikeda all but confirmed to us last year.

“If you notice, we make an NSX when there’s something we want to say,” Ikeda told The Drive. “The first-gen was gas. Second-gen was a hybrid. There’s gonna be another one.”

However, there’s a good chance that the car in the photo is something else and something new altogether. Perhaps it’s the angle but this thing looks extremely narrow, and what looks like sliver-shaped-shaped headlights integrated into the A-pillars are definitely a departure from, well, everything we’ve seen from headlights so far.

Granted, it’s all speculation for now. But NSX or not, this eraser-shaped EV doesn’t look like it’ll be the next CR-V. The cars are scheduled to drop at Honda’s CES 2024 press conference on Jan. 9, 2024 at 10:30 a.m. PT.

Compared to the vast majority of other automakers, Honda has been slow to the EV game. There was the immensely cute but overseas-only Honda e introduced in 2020, but its first earnest foray into charge-only cars in the U.S. will come in the form of the upcoming Prologue, a 300-mile SUV expected to cost somewhere in the high $40,000s, built on General Motors tech.

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