The First All-Honda EV Is Coming To the US in 2025

After the 2024 Honda Prologue, something big is coming—literally—and it’ll be 100% Honda.

byJames Gilboy|
2024 Honda Prologue design sketch

General Motors and Honda will become more closely involved over the next several years, the Japanese automaker confirmed during an executive briefing Tuesday night. Honda won't be completely dependent on GM's Ultium platform for its EVs, either, as it's also confirmed a new medium-large EV coming in 2025 that'll use its in-house E:Architecture platform.

GM and Honda's first codeveloped EV will launch in 2024, in the form of the 2024 Honda Prologue and related Acura ZDX, both of which will be built by GM. This will be separate from the "mid- to large-size EV" following it in 2025, which will see the first use of Honda's original platform.

Honda also declared plans to debut its own vehicle OS that year, which the unnamed 2025 EV may feature. It's not yet confirmed if Honda will eventually follow GM's move to ditch Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, though a spokesperson confirmed to The Drive that in the meantime, "Honda will continue to offer a range of high-quality, interactive solutions from Apple, Google, and Amazon to provide value to customers that match their own technology choices."

In the latter half of the decade, Honda intends to debut solid-state battery tech that it is currently developing with SES AI. Previously, it announced plans to launch a range of sub-$30,000 electric crossovers in 2027, which it is co-developing with GM.

Prior to formalizing their partnership, Honda told us it expects to collaborate with GM on EVs using at least four different platforms, for an unspecified total number of products. It's also unknown how many of Honda's plan for 30 EVs globally by 2030 this accounts for. By then, Honda aims to achieve production of more than two million EVs annually, before achieving a completely battery- or hydrogen-powered lineup by 2040. As its CEO told us in an interview last October, the company's ultimate goal is to achieve carbon neutrality through a range of strategies—not just sell EVs.

To that end, Honda is working to procure GM's Ultium batteries from LG by the end of the year, and is also developing its own advanced lithium-ion batteries with GS Yuasa. Honda is also increasing its investment in ADAS and connected-car tech, and plans to re-tool its plants in Marysville, East Liberty, and Anna, Ohio for EV production. The carmaker also intends to use a greater proportion of recycled materials for new vehicle manufacturing.

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