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What’s the Funniest Used Car Ad You’ve Ever Seen?

A little comedy never hurt a car's selling potential.
Toyota, Adam Ismail

For almost as long as the internet has existed—or at least as long as it’s been a public utility—people have attempted to sell things through it. And short of the roof over your head, a car is the most expensive thing many of us are likely to sell in our lifetime. (Actually, based on my own recent brushes with the housing market, a car might just take the top spot. It’d be cool to stop renting one day.) This all brings me to today’s question: What’s the funniest used car ad you’ve ever seen?

Look, I’ve been on the internet a very long time, and it’s honestly gotten hard for me to remember all of the standouts. For the purposes of this blog, I’ll raise the legendary 1999 Toyota Corolla “Fine AF” Craigslist ad that I’m sure many of you in the audience have seen by now. It’s not very long, so you should just go read the whole thing if you missed it a while back, but there are so many standout lines. “Interesting facts: This car’s exterior color is gray, but it’s interior color is grey” might just take the cake for me, personally.

Sometimes there’s strength in brevity, too. We recently showcased a 1997 Panoz AIV Roadster for sale via Facebook Marketplace on this website (it’s still looking for a new home, by the way!) and something about the phrase “please research on the internet” in the listing title absolutely sent me. I love the idea of someone buying a 1-of-200-ish, almost 30-year-old, partially open-wheel American sports car and refusing to look into the vehicle whatsoever. I’m positive it’s happened, but the idea of living by the seat of your pants that hard is astonishing, as someone who lost themselves in a cumulative 18 hours of research trying to buy a new bed a couple years ago.

Anyway, there are so many answers to this question, and I’m excited to read them all. Let’s see ’em: What’s the funniest used car ad you’ve come across?

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