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What’s the Most Powerful Car You’ve Ever Driven?

Driving an 840-horse Dodge Demon a few years back is still one of my wildest automotive memories. The 1,092-hp Taycan Turbo GT just sounds ... nutty.

Reading about Adam’s ride in a 1,092-horsepower Porsche Taycan Turbo GT has me chuckling. 2.1 seconds to 60? Is that what we need to put ourselves through to feel something? But four-figure hp is the figure I really can’t get over. What’s the most powerful car you’ve driven?

I was going to claim the Lamborghini Aventador SVJ (770 hp), but then remembered that I once got to send a Dodge Demon down a drag strip in Indiana. That monster was famously good for a preposterous 840 hp with super high-octane fuel.

That quarter-mile run was an intense, engrossing, and exhilarating experience. But it also let me confirm that I prefer the shallow end of the proverbial pool … and will stick to lighter, much less-powerful machines for my own dream garage. That gut-wrenching straight-line acceleration is cool, but, not the kind of stress I need in my life anymore.

Then I guess when it comes to torque, the most I’ve mustered was in a Ford Super Duty with the current High-Output Power Stroke diesel engine. That claims 1,200 lb-ft from the factory!

If we’re talking about “most horsepower we’ve ever owned,” my figures are far less impressive. But today we’re talking about max-ever hp driving experiences—so what’s been yours so far?