Watch a Flying Deer Hit a Pickup For Sale Just as the Buyer Arrives

Talk about awful, awful timing.

Deer are known for their incredible leaping ability, but this video shared by Jay Vaugh of southern New Jersey on Facebook takes things to a new level. The footage was captured from a home security camera, showing a deer unexpectedly running and leaping over two cars in a driveway, eventually smacking into a 2007 Chevy Silverado. The height, distance, and grace of the deer’s jump are truly remarkable, even if it couldn’t stick the landing. However, the deer’s timing couldn’t have been worse.

According to Vaughn’s post, the Silverado the deer crashed into had recently been posted to Facebook Marketplace and had a potential buyer lined up. In the video, you can see the alleged buyer pulling up in front of the house as the deer suddenly sprints into view. From the right of the screen, the deer leaps and clears both a Pontiac Vibe and a Honda CR-V with ease, as if it had wings. It then lands belly-first onto the side of the Silverado’s bed, denting it right in front of the owner and buyer. After it landed in the bed of the truck, it awkwardly jumped out, kicking the truck again on the way down.

I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a video that features such graceful athleticism followed by such an epic fail, along with the worst timing possible. You can see the buyer getting out of their Tahoe as the deer hits the truck they’re looking to buy. I would paid money to have been there for that conversation.

Here’s the thousand-dollar question: did the buyer still buy the truck even with its fresh damage? Replying to some commenters, Vaughn claims they did buy it, just with a $1,000 discount.

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