This Is What Spokeless 26-Inch Wheels Look Like on a Cadillac Escalade

You know, in case you were curious.

byCaleb Jacobs|
Aftermarket photo via Instagram

The 2022 Cadillac Escalade rolls on 22-inch wheels from the factory. Those are gargantuan by almost any measure, but the aftermarket always has a more extreme solution. This black and chrome Escalade from Brother Hood Co. in Japan is a perfect example with its no-spoke, 26-inch Forgiato OG discs.

The super luxe SUV was first spotted by CarScoops, and clearly, the look isn't for everyone; being honest, I'm not sold on them. That said, I can respect the customization. I can't imagine there are any others out there with pizza cutters like this, and since it's an Escalade Premium Luxury Platinum trim, you know it's totally decked out on the inside, too.

New Escalades are often shipped to dealers wearing massive steel wheels that sort of resemble these OGs, only they're not shiny and they're a little smaller. Whereas those are like dog dishes, these almost look like blinged-out vinyl records that spin around the hubs. You can't even see the lugnuts that secure them.

Forgiato makes gargantuan wheels for pretty much any type of vehicle. It's been a big name in the donk scene for years, and even heavy-duty dually trucks rock the manufacturer's eight-lug offerings at show and shine events across the United States. It's no surprise that Forgiato is the company behind these, then, as the L.A.-based company sells all of its designs in multiple sizes, sometimes up to 30 inches.

It looks like these might be produced specifically by Forgiato's Japan wing. There's no pricing for them on the company's official site, but others can cost upwards of $10,000 a set.

It's all but impossible to see what tires are wrapped around these rollers, but you can safely assume your local Walmart doesn't carry them on the shelves. It's best to plan on never needing a replacement, and don't even think about carrying a spare anywhere but the trunk. Finding a shop to mount tires on high-dollar wheels can be tough to boot, so you've really got to be dedicated to rock smoothies this big.

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