Brabus Built a Mercedes EQS With Longer Range and It Actually Looks Good

Brabus, for once, has not just made a car slightly less tasteful.

byPeter Holderith|
Brabus Built a Mercedes EQS With Longer Range and It Actually Looks Good

Brabus is known for grabbing Mercedes vehicles and turning them into powerful, slightly-uglier toys for very rich people. At least, that's what we're used to. This time around, however, it's done something different. It's made a bunch of parts for the electric Mercedes EQS that actually improve the vehicle's stock aerodynamics and boost its range. Yes, you're hearing that right, the Brabus aero parts on this car are actually functional.

The EQS already has a very low drag coefficient of just .209, making it the most aerodynamic production car for sale today. Brabus has taken this efficiency a step further with tweaks to the suspension, body panels, and wheels. In short, it's improved the .209 drag coefficient by 7.2 percent. The company doesn't explicitly state a new coefficient, but that reduction puts the Brabus EQS into the .194 range.

The tuner claims this improves driving range by "7.0 percent on average" between 100 and 140 km/h (60 and 87 mph). That's big. It's tough to calculate the exact range improvement in terms of miles due to the nature of the rating system from the American EPA and European WLTP, but 7 percent is a big boost. A 200-mile pure highway journey could see a boost of up to 14 miles, i.e, the vital distance to make it home or to the next charger.

The 22-inch monoblock wheels improve the car's aero but also look surprisingly good on the EQS. Brabus

The most visible changes that enable this range increase are the Brabus-developed aero kit and new monoblock 22-inch wheels. New elements on the front fascia and wheel arches work together with a new rear diffuser to increase downforce and shed drag. A "plug and play" suspension module also lowers the car 15 mm in the front and 20mm in the rear to improve its looks and reduce drag. The EQS has air suspension which enables this easy software-enabled mod.

This is still a Brabus, though. As with the brand's other vehicles, the Brabus logo is placed on seemingly every possible surface and the interior can be pretty much whatever a customer wants. A price for these functional and aesthetic modifications was not stated, although we have contacted Brabus in an attempt to find out. We will update this piece if we hear back.

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