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What Are the Best Car Shows and Movies to Binge Watch in Quarantine?

You're going to be home for a while, so might as well watch something you love.

Trust us, we’re tired of hearing about it too. COVID-19 is everywhere, as is the panic surrounding it, and it’s best if we all lay low for a while in hopes of letting it pass as swiftly as possible. So while we practice social distancing and self-quarantining, let’s talk about the best gearhead-friendly TV and movies to binge. But don’t say Fast and Furious.

I mean, you can if you want to, but it feels like a gimme, doesn’t it? F9 has already been pushed back to 2021 because of the c-word and we’re looking for something to take our minds off earth’s impending doom.

What about a cult classic that not everyone on the car internet has seen before? Or an action-thriller that just so happens to have the greatest chase scene of all time? YouTube channels are fair game, too, and that’s the route I’d take.

If I’m going to be stuck working from home in my Hanes, I’d rather spend my days off thinking of something that makes me happy. Graham Cahill and Shaun Whales provide some walloping content on the 4WD Action channel as the Aussies and their best four-wheeling friends drive their stellar rigs through scenic locations like Tasmania and Queensland’s Fraser Island. Whether you tune-in for the rare fruit 4x4s (Isuzu D-Max, anyone?) or their spectacular accents, there’s a good time in each video. 

Most 4WD Action clips are nearly an hour long if not more, so there’s plenty to see as you sit wrapped in your Snuggie while pretending to type up the week’s expense reports.

I’ve embedded my favorite below, but I still want to hear your take.

P.S. If we want to avoid thinking about uncontrollable vehicles of death, I’d leave Christine off the list, too.

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