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This 1968 Chevy C20 ‘Sky Lounge’ Camper For Sale Is the Only Way to Travel This Summer

The tri-level Del Ray camper has a full kitchen, wood paneling, and observation windows perched above the pickup's cab.
Bring a Trailer

The summer heat is already upon us, which means if you haven’t planned your summer getaway, it’s already too late. Or perhaps not if you fancy the great outdoors, road trips, and camping — but not in that tent kind of way. Currently on Bring a Trailer is this classic 1968 Chevy C20 outfitted with an incredible tri-level Del Ray “Sky Lounge” camper. 

Based on the more than 600 (!) images in the listing, the vehicle is downright stunning. Not necessarily in its styling or profile. The decked-out truck looks like a literal land yacht or a camel that was turned into a camper truck. No, the C20-camper combo is alluring because of how well-maintained and clean it is. Plus, the gold and white paint with matching gold and parchment-colored interior vinyl gives it an almost heavenly aura.

It didn’t start out that way. As a beautiful brute, I mean.

The truck is a 1968 Chevy C20 CST Custom Camper. The 3/4-ton pickup is a Golden Anniversary edition that was ordered new through a Denver dealership and stayed within the family for almost 50 years. The original owner loved and cherished the truck from day one. 

According to Gateway Classic Cars, which handled the truck’s first sale, the owner asked the dealer to cover the factory carpet in plastic upon delivery. The carpet essentially remained flawless until it was sold. In the BaT images, you can see there is no plastic. The original owner did install a camper, which is what C20 Custom Campers were built for, but it was not part of the first sale. 

Gateway Classic Cars

The C20 powertrain consists of a 396ci V-8 that produces 235 horsepower and 345 pound-feet of torque. The rear-wheel-drive truck is equipped with a three-speed automatic. In 1970, dual saddle tanks were installed to boost driving range. Other upgrades and updates over the years include a dual exhaust  (1985), a 4:11 ratio rear end (1990), and a reupholstered driver’s seat (1990).

 In 1991, the truck received a paint re-fresh because the factory coloring had started to fade. Of course, only Chevy-approved “Sikkens” paint was used. That same year, a heavy-duty tow hitch was installed as was a new timing chain.

When purchased by the current owner in 2023, a period-correct 1966 Del Rey Sky Lounger Camper was fitted on the truck and is included in the sale. The tri-level camper features all the amenities of a tiny house: a full kitchen, a bathroom with a shower, a dining table/sitting area, and sleeping quarters. Although sitting and sleeping are in two separate sections, both look like tight spaces for non-slender folks. The overhead loft is the place to be, though, with its large wrap-around windows that give it an observation deck vibe.

Throughout the years, the original owner maintained a meticulous record of the vehicle’s history. Literally, all the receipts, including the vehicle build sheet. The current owner continues the theme and includes paperwork for the 60s-rea Del Rey camper.

No longer in Colorado, the C20-Del Rey pairing is being sold out of California but has a Montana title and plates. When first listed, the odometer had 92,075 miles. The readout now shows 94,327. The current owner states they added “approximately” 1,000 miles. Those numbers don’t jive so either there was another owner, or the truck continued to be driven even after it was listed with Gateway Classic Cars. Doesn’t matter. It looks immaculate, all things considered.

The BaT auction ends on Friday, June 7. When first sold, the last asking price was $49,000 — and that was just the truck. This time around, the all-inclusive package has no reserve. Whatever the final bid is, the new owner will get a near-perfect time capsule of 1960s camper traveling.