The New Mercedes-AMG GT Is Coming to Pebble Beach

The grand tourer has been missed, but the new model is just around the corner.

The Mercedes-AMG GT has long stood as the vanguard of the company’s identity, but it ended production in 2022. The capable grand tourer is now due for an update, with the new model set to debut in style at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance this month.

The new AMG GT will be the fifth model developed entirely by Mercedes-AMG. It follows the storied lineage that began with the gull-winged SLS, with the company sharpening its teeth on the GT coupe, four-door GT, and SL since then.

The German automaker is playing its cards close to its chest when it comes to the new model. At best, we’re told the new AMG GT will have a “modified dimensional concept compared to its predecessor.” That seems like a vague and unspecific way of saying that it’s going to be rather different in size and shape than previously, but we can only speculate.

Regardless, we’re told the new model “remains true to its sporty, dynamic character.” As long as it doesn’t morph into some ungainly hefty SUV, it should be alright, then. From concepts we’ve seen previously, the new AMG GT could be a hybrid all-wheel-drive monster with prodigious horsepower. That’s what we’ll be hoping for at Pebble Beach, anyway.

Like any good luxury automaker, Mercedes will be making the most of Pebble Beach by bringing a few other treats to the show. A special limited edition of the Mercedes-AMG SL will be on display, while Mercedes-Maybach will also be showcasing several models, from both the present day and its historic collection. The puffy Project Mondo G art piece will also be in attendance.

The Mercedes-Benz Vision One-Eleven will also be a major highlight. The design study reimagines the classic Mercedes-Benz C111 for the modern era, in a searing shade of orange. It’s there in part to help show off the new “Limited Edition 1 of 111” collection. Consisting of a selection of apparel and accessories, we’re told the collection “translates the spirit of the 1970s into the here and now.”

It’s an interesting era for Mercedes right now. It’s contending with the dawn of electrification and is vacillating over whether it will keep building V8s. Naturally, the AMG GT will be redefined to suit the era into which it is entering, and it will be interesting to see how Mercedes-AMG has handled that task.

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