Someone Reportedly Paid $150K Over Sticker for a 2021 Mercedes-AMG G63

The wait time for a new G63 could be more than two years so someone may have just decided that waiting is for the poors and paid a bunch more.

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Life can be tough for rich people sometimes. Maybe their butler used the wrong butter on their toast this morning. Or the flight attendant on their private jet didn't place the napkin on their lap for you. Or they had to pay $150,000 over sticker price for a used 2021 Mercedes-AMG G63 because, no matter how rich and powerful they are, they just can't cut the line to get a new one. At least, that's what one rich customer did, as a 2021 G63 just sold for $324,200, after an adjusted dealer markup (ADM) of $150,000.

The AMG G63 in question popped up on Reddit, when a Redditor who worked at the dealership posted a picture of the car's Monroney. It might sound like lunacy, paying almost the cost of a new Porsche 911 GT3 on top of the G63's initial $174,200 sticker price. However, in the buyer's defense, it's almost impossible to get a new G63 at the moment. We reached out to the poster to confirm the details, but haven't yet heard back.

This morning, I called three different Mercedes dealerships throughout the United States about getting a new G63 and the shortest wait time I was given was one year. The longest was two and a half years. So for the impatient, and very wealthy buyer, that extra $150,000 for a used model was worth skipping the line because waiting in line is for the plebs.

And that's likely the reality of it. People who can afford to pay over $300,000 for an SUV likely don't care how much the car costs or how much extra the dealer is charging them, as long as they can get their car right now. The thing they want is hard to get, so they pay whatever it takes to get one.

We've seen some pretty high ADMs over the past year or so, such as the Nissan Z in Bellvue, Washington with a $74,000 ADM. However, this is one of the biggest we've seen yet. There's no sign of this trend slowing down, either. New cars are still hard to come by, due to supply chain issues and high demand. If people keep buying cars with ludicrous markups, dealerships are going to continue marking them up. Unfortunately, not all of us can afford to spend $150,000 above sticker just because we don't feel like waiting.

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