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Tesla Cybertruck Owner Discovers Unexplained ‘Wade Mode’ Buried in Settings

Why didn't Tesla announce this mode during the Cybertruck's reveal?
Nic Cruz Patane

The Tesla Cybertruck reveal was one of the most hotly anticipated car reveals in history and, love it or hate it, Elon Musk’s low-polygon pickup is an attention-magnet. So why does the world have to find out about the Cybertruck’s mysterious “Wade Mode” from X (formerly Twitter) user Nic Cruz Patane, instead of during its reveal?

Patane posted a photo of what seems to be an off-road vehicle settings menu on the Cybertruck‘s infotainment screen. There are a few different setting adjustments, such as “Off-Road Mode,” another mode that’s blocked by Patane’s finger (Articulation Mode maybe?), “Handling Balance,” “Stability Assist,” and the aforementioned “Wade Mode.”

The description for the latter reads: “Raises ride height and pressurizes battery when driving through water.”

During the Cybertruck’s presentation, there was nothing said about its ability to pressurize the battery and wade through deep water. Last year, Elon Musk claimed the Cybertruck would be able to float and act as a boat capable of crossing “rivers, lakes & even seas that aren’t too choppy.” There’s no explanation on how the Cybertruck can pressurize its battery, why it needs to, or if it can really float enough to cross a river but hey at least the mode is on the screen, right?

For reference, the electric Rivian R1T pickup is capable of wading in three feet of water and there’s no word of it pressurizing its battery. Of course, to wade in deep water, the R1T should be in its off-road driving mode, to raise the ride height, but it doesn’t say anything about battery pressurization. Electric vehicle batteries are typically already sealed from water, so the Cybertruck’s supposed on-demand pressurization raises some questions.


The other interesting setting from this photo is the Handling Balance slider, which adjusts front-to-rear. Is that the electric powertrain’s torque split? That’d be interesting if owners could specifically choose the exact torque bias between its axles and could be helpful in certain off-road situations.

Maybe after this photo is spread around more Tesla or Musk will comment and provide some clarification on the Cybertruck’s wade mode and how it pressurizes its battery. Maybe we’ll even find out more about its supposed seafaring capabilities.

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