Pimp My Ride Is Coming Back, and It’ll Be On YouTube

The kitschy 2000s classic is back, and it’ll be just as wild about screens as before.

byJames Gilboy|
The cast of MTV UK's Pimp My Ride (2022) lean against a customized Mitsubishi 3000GT

Pimp My Ride, the kitschy 2000s TV show about customizing cars, is coming back after a 15-year hiatus. This time, the show will be available on YouTube, and it'll add classic car restoration to the series' repertoire.

The show returns courtesy of MTV UK, which says the restoration angle won't come at the cost of the show's classic staples—audio systems, added screens, and some of the most eye-searing paint jobs you've ever seen. Rather than Xzibit or the former hosts of Pimp My Ride's U.K. spinoff, though, this new series will be led by British hip hop artist Lady Leshurr.

So far, cars known to appear in the new series include a 1966 Volkswagen Beetle and a 1992 Mitsubishi GTO (or 3000GT), said to be inspired by The Fast and the Furious. Other cars teased in the trailer include a variety of European subcompacts, and even an ice cream truck. One imagines they will be subject to extensive restorations, which will be undertaken using "certified recycled" parts—basically used with a warranty—from the show's partner eBay Motors. The modification itself will be carried out by Wrench Studios, which is run by two brothers who are fans of the original series.

"We grew up watching Pimp My Ride," said Wrench Studios CEO Hamid Iqbal. "Doing jobs on our own cars on the driveway is what got us into custom work and modifying. More and more people are doing jobs on vehicles themselves now and, like many of them, we use eBay to source parts, so it was natural for us to get involved in the new series. It's been 15 years since it was last on air and we're going to make sure it lives up to expectations."

The new season of Pimp My Ride will launch Aug. 19 on MTV UK's YouTube channel. Xzibit may no longer be running the show, but the first time we see someone playing Gran Turismo 7 on the new 4K OLED TV in their car, we'll all be thinking the same thing.

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