This Pimp My Ride AMC Pacer for Sale in Denver Has Seen Some Horrors

Another mid-Aughts fever dream hits the auction block this summer.

byKyle Cheromcha|
For Sale photo

Perhaps one day, someone will gather all the ruined cars from Pimp My Ride's mid-Aughts reign of terror for a Behind the Music-style reunion show, so we can finally see which ones caught on fire or crapped the bed immediately after filming. Until then, we'll have to settle for the schadenfreude that comes with watching these tragic builds occasionally pop up for sale online, like a faded rock star hitting the Carson City casino circuit.

Pictured below: the latest case in point. 10 years after Xzibit and West Coast Customs officially pimped Jessica's AMC Pacer, the ignominious result can now be yours at a Mecum auction in Denver this July. What's not to love? Plenty.

The AMC Pacer is not exactly a sought-after collectible—Wayne's World fame notwithstanding—but still, no car deserves this. If you watch the episode, you'll see that the car was pretty clapped-out to start, with a rodent-infested interior, busted doors, and a missing back window. Unfortunately, the choices made by West Coast Customs did little to improve the situation.

On the outside, the two-tone paint job is fairly intact under all that dust—but oof, those shooting stars have not aged well. Neither has the solar-paneled roof spoiler for that matter. To be fair, the exterior also features the only commendable decision in the whole build: a sliding canvas sunroof. And it appears that the low-hanging custom bumpers have been swapped back to the stock set.

For some reason, Mad Mike and company went with a yellow-on-white interior theme that combined copious amounts of leather and shag carpeting...all of which is now disgustingly filthy. The pillar-mounted LCD monitors are intact, but strangely, the gauge cluster has been ripped out. No word on whether the trunk-mounted juicer is still there, or if the stray cat they foisted onto poor Jessica (you know, because rodents) at the end of the episode is still alive.

Assuming the engine still runs, it's mated to a three-speed transmission that will get you from 0 to 60 mph in many, many seconds. The ad notes that Colorado buyers living in counties with emissions testing will have to register it as a collector's car. Irony, or vindication?