New Fast X Trailer is a Barrage of Supercars, Stunts, and Family

Yes, that’s a Dodge Charger Daytona EV parked out front of Dom’s house, what did you expect?

byJames Gilboy|
Dominic Toretto slides his Dodge Charger in Fast X
Universal Pictures


The first full-length trailer for the first film in the two-part finale of the Fast and Furious saga, Fast X, was released Friday and promised to bring the two-decade film franchise back to where it started: Cars, races, explosions, and more utterances of "family" than I can even turn into a joke.

The trailer immediately sets the scene and stakes of Fast X, identifying the villain Dante Reyes (as played by Jason Momoa) as being wronged by the heist at the end of Fast Five and returning with a vengeance. He asserts that Dominic Toretto must choose between who he wants to save in his expansive family, though the trailer offers no clues as to how this will resolve.

Like the majority of F&F franchise films, Fast X strings together dramatic action sequences using cars and other vehicles. Its opening shot confirms that the Dodge Charger Daytona EV will appear in the film as suspected, along with another unidentified mid-engine car. The rest of the trailer meanwhile shows off everything from American classics to supercars and compact European sports cars. The only easily identified locales shown are Los Angeles (with the house from the original film) and Rome, with the Coliseum in the background. However, the latter half of the trailer hints at a return to the series' racing roots, with an increased emphasis on driving.

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Fast X will be released on May 19 and is expected to be the first film of a two-part finale. Its sequel is believed to currently be in development, though its release window is not yet known. At the pace of the previous two films, it should be released sometime in 2025.

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