Dodge Charger Daytona EV Concept Pops Up on ‘Fast and Furious 10’ Film Set

The Charger Daytona EV concept may star in the new Fast and Furious film, along with the DeLorean Alpha 5 concept spotted in Los Angeles.
German in Venice Youtube

The Fast and Furious series is known for absurd supercar concept cameos and physics-defying, nay ignoring, stunts like jumping from one skyscraper to another or going to space. Fast X, the latest installment of the franchise that is currently being filmed, will surely feature similar antics. What we do know for sure is that the new Dodge Charger Daytona EV Concept was spotted leaving the set of Fast X.

Angelino Heights is a historic Los Angeles neighborhood that hosts two iconic locations from the franchise: Bob’s Market, known as Toretto’s Market and Cafe, and the Toretto house which is just a normal old-school Los Angeles home. They are very close to each other, only separated by a tenth of a mile. 

Protests over filming at the original locations have caused interruptions to filming, with residents citing the popularity of the movie franchise as a cause of street takeovers and the presence of modified cars in the neighborhood and Los Angeles in general. As a local, I know that Bob’s Market and the house have been a spot since the release of the original film in 2001. Car enthusiasts in LA often take the pilgrimage, and it’s fairly normal to see modified cars parked near the market. Unfortunately, they do not serve tuna sandwiches. 

The Daytona EV Concept looks striking on the move, with a great light signature. Carscoops reported on the Youtube video by channel German in Venice. In the video, he spots the Charger concept as well as an interesting appearance by the DeLorean Alpha 5 concept car. It looks like both vehicles will feature in the new film. More interestingly, these cars are EVs, marking a slight shift in voice for the decidedly fossil-fuel-burning franchise.

Photos published by Instagram user bdiesel37 show more detailed images of the Charger. It’s clearly a running and driving concept, though it was likely trailered back to Universal Studios or back to the automaker. German in Venice originally wanted to cover the protests surrounding the filming but walked away with footage of a just-released concept car.

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