Lordstown Recalls Almost Every Truck It Made Last Year

And the company said it was suspending production of the Endurance truck for an undetermined time to fix the issues.
Pre-production Lordstown Endurance electric pickup trucks being tested at the Lordstown Motors facility in Farmington Hills, Mich.

It hasn’t been smooth sailing for Lordstown Motors since well, ever. The electric truckmaker announced Thursday it would recall 19 of its endurance pickups for an “electrical connection issue” that could disable the cars while driving. At the same time, the Ohio-based manufacturer announced it would suspend production further to address quality control issues. The truckmaker didn’t say how long the factory would be shuttered to address those problems.

The once-heralded EV company that took over GM’s Lordstown factory outside Youngstown, Ohio, hasn’t had an easy run since it took over the plant in 2019. That’s because what started as a promising startup with intentions to manufacture and deliver commercial vehicles at a large scale has been plagued with ownership changing hands, a revolving door in the executive suite, and an unclear path forward—even after Chinese tech giant Foxconn bought into the plant. 

Lordstown raised eyebrows earlier this year when it announced that it delivered 31 trucks in 2022 after beginning deliveries in November, although it’s unclear if those trucks are in customers’ hands or being used internally. In a statement announcing the recall, Lordstown Motors CEO Edward Hightower indicated that some of the 19 trucks were in company hands but didn’t disclose how many. Regardless of how many are on the street or in the company parking lot, the 31 trucks produced last year fall far short of the company’s stated goal of building 500 in 2022.

The news of the production slowdown comes almost one year to the day that GM announced it would sell its 5% stake in the company after Lordstown announced it would be strapped for cash to put the Endurance into production. The truckmaker floundered for several months before announcing Foxconn would invest $170 million more into the company. The Lordstown plant is slated to contract-build Fisker EVs along with Endurance pickup although it’s unclear when production for either will resume or begin. 

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