Here’s What It Cost to Maintain a Bugatti Chiron Over 10 Years

Spoiler alert: A $3 million car is expensive to maintain.

byNico DeMattia|
Bugatti News photo

No one is going to break out their violin for Bugatti owners' complaints of maintenance costs. If you can afford a $3 million car, you can afford the maintenance, regardless of how outrageous it may seem. However, it's still pretty interesting for the rest of us plebs to see just how expensive it is to maintain a Bugatti Chiron.

In this video from The Hamilton Collection, Steve Hamilton breaks down the costs of maintaining his Chiron since he's had it and what it will cost over ten years. Many of the maintenance Hamilton's already had done was covered under the car's four-year warranty, including the final warranty service that he took the car in for during the video. However, had the car been out of warranty, that service would have cost $34,000. The normal one-year annual service costs $11,500.

If you want an additional four-year bumper-to-bumper warranty, to continue the car's coverage after its initial one, it will cost $204,000. While shockingly expensive, that does cover a lot, including everything from oil changes to broken wheels. If a Chiron owner is planning on keeping the car for ten years, the six years following its initial four-year warranty will cost $91,500 (five $11,500 annual services plus one $34,000 four-year major service). And that's just routine maintenance, not fixing anything that breaks. Considering a Chiron taillight costs more than $10,000, the additional four-year warranty might actually be worth it for Chiron owners, especially if buying it used.

Speaking of buying it used, what happens if you need to replace its quad-turbocharged 8.0-liter W16 engine? You'll have to shell out $856,406.98. For the record, that's the funniest 98 cents in history. If the complex dual-clutch gearbox breaks, that's $185,000 to replace. What about brakes, which are wear items and will need to be replaced every so often? Just the front rotors alone will set you back more than $18,000, with another additional $6,700 for pads. The rear rotors are the same but the pads are only $4,000.

I can already feel some of you pulling away. Of course, complaining about service costs on a $3 million car is the probably the biggest first-world problem in history. And if you're fortunate enough to own a Bugatti, just be happy you can afford its maintenance costs. However, it's still interesting to learn of the eye-watering price tag such maintenance carries.

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