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Get Some Dental Coverage Before Riding This Lawn Chair-Scooter Combo

Parents look away, because this is just begging to end badly.
Lawn chair mounted on a one-wheel
YouTube, Craft&Ride

We all have those days where even standing upright is kind of a tall order. (No pun intended. Eds note: Yes it was.). That might be the only explanation for why some YouTubers decided to take standing out of the equation of riding a one-wheel electric scooter, by mounting a folding lawn chair on top of it. And just watching them ride it makes my teeth hurt.

The video in question was uploaded by YouTube channel Craft&Ride in June, and shows how a couple of guys modified a one-wheel electric scooter to be ridden sitting down. They do so by visiting a store for random junk to make it work—a lawn chair, pool noodles, zip ties, and flip flops. The chair gets pool noodles zip-tied around its legs, while the sandals get stripped of their straps to be used as pads for the board.

Despite looking too unstable to be rideable, the setup works, and well enough that its creators don’t have to stabilize themselves with their feet. As a commenter points out though, Heelys would make perfect stand-ins for training wheels (and regrettably, they’re right). But as the creators’ balance is good enough not to need them, they can enjoy a beverage while riding—hopefully one that’s not alcoholic. Wouldn’t want OSHA coming down on a stunt as harmless as this.

Seeing how well this works kinda makes you wonder how far the idea can be taken. Would it work with a bar stool on top? A couch? How about a stationary bike, or a rocking horse? Using any of those is practically asking for more (or worse) injuries, sure, but this is 2022: catastrophe is content, and content is money. Just remember to wear your helmet, and maybe invest in a mouthguard beforehand.

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