You Can Build This Adorable Peel P50 for $13,700

They’re replicas but passersby don’t need to know that.

byChris Tsui| PUBLISHED Jul 16, 2022 9:00 AM
You Can Build This Adorable Peel P50 for $13,700
THE HAGUE, NETHERLANDS – JULY 5: A 1962 Peel P50, the smallest microcar ever manufactured, stands at the microcar exhibition at the Louwman Museum on July 5, 2019 in The Hague, The Netherlands. Built on the Isle of Man, it is just 132 cm long, 99 cm wide and weighs just 59 kilos. Microcars are light-weight miniature vehicles, usually powered by a motorcycle engine. They offered a cheap means of transport in post-war Europe and were popular until the early 1960s by which time the European motor industry had recovered. Today they are highly sought-after and have reached cult status. (Photo by Michel Porro/Getty Images) *** Local Caption ***.

Remember the Peel P50? That tiny, blue one-seater Jeremy Clarkson drove on Top Gear? Well, now you too can awkwardly drive across the background of live newscasts in your own microcar, because a U.K. company is now offering electric, build-your-own replicas of the P50 on the cheap.

While genuine cars from the '60s are now apparently going for six figures, these reproductions can be had for about the same price or less than some of the cheapest new cars available today. Those of you with wrenching skills can even opt for a build-your-own version of the three-wheeled vehicle.

According to the sellers of the "World's Smallest Car," less than 30 real Peel P50s still exist which means they cost big money. For the British equivalent of about $13,700, however, you can get a pretty accurate-looking "homage" to the P50 featuring a "high torque DC motor," disc brakes, and a top speed of 30 mph. A Turbo model going for about $18,000 ups the top speed to 50 mph, while a one-of-four Limited Edition uses a German-made DKW gas engine that can do 41 mph. The company is also making 50 open-top Cabrio versions for buyers who'd like to go quite fast in what is, at that point, effectively a Power Wheel.

As for the self-assembled P50 kits, buyers can choose between electric and gas, with the latter apparently having more than 50 miles of range. The gas version does not come with an engine but is said to be designed for mills ranging from 49 to 125cc.

Those looking to carry a passenger along on their microcar adventures can opt for an electric replica version of the Peel Trident, a two-seater microcar whose signature design feature is a delightfully bubble-like greenhouse.

Gas prices may be calming down a bit lately. But if you're looking for, y'know, a more efficient car to have in your back pocket (that's about as literal as that expression will get in the context of cars) in the event the pendulum swings the other way again, a personal Peel is probably one of the more interesting options out there.

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