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Dodge Challenger Hellcat Manual Is Finally Back for One More Ride

The manual isn't available on Dodge's online builder but a dealership is taking orders.

The manual Challenger Hellcat was one of the most outrageous cars of the modern era. Where else could you get a 717 horsepower supercharged V8 paired with a six-speed stick? Such outrageousness made it a huge hit with the Mopar-faithful. However, Dodge broke the hearts of countless enthusiasts by dropping the manual option in 2021. According to a Dodge dealership in Virginia, though, the manual is back for 2023, sending the modern classic out with a bang.

According Road & Track, Dodge quietly dropped the manual from the Challenger Hellcat in 2021, claiming the powertrain required updated calibration and that it would only be gone temporarily. Well it seems Dodge finished recalibrating the powertrain, as Koons Tysons Corner Dodge took to Hellcat forums to not only announce the manual’s return but that it has allocations and is currently taking orders.

If you go to Dodge’s website and try to configure your Hellcat with a manual, you can’t. The only Hellcat transmission option on Dodge’s builder is the TorqueFlite eight-speed automatic. However, Koons Tysons Corner is instructing potential customers to use the online builder to create their desired spec, then send the PDF to the dealership with a note requesting a manual transmission. The dealer says the manual is available on both standard and Widebody models and that the first five orders will get them at MSRP. A few forum members claim to now have price order confirmations (POC) for manual Hellcats.

The Drive reached out to Stellantis, to confirm that the manual Hellcat was indeed back and available to order. According to a Stellantis representative: “The Dodge Challenger Hellcat with manual transmission is now available, in low production volumes. Customers can use the Dodge Horsepower Locator tool at to find a dealer with a remaining Challenger Hellcat allocation, and then connect with the dealer to place an order for a Challenger Hellcat with a manual transmission.”

Dodge is killing off the Challenger Hellcat after 2023, marking the end of one of the coolest cars to come from America this century. With its monster V8, rear-drive architecture, and old-school muscle car vibe, the Challenger Hellcat was a modern slice of classic automotive Americana. So it’s only fitting that Dodge is bringing the manual transmission back for one last ride.

Update: a Dodge Representative

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