C8 Chevy Corvette With Round Taillights Mod Doesn’t Look Awful

Round taillights are a part of the Corvette’s rich heritage, and now you can put’em on your C8.

byLewin Day|
Facebook/Khoa Nguyen
Facebook/Khoa Nguyen.

The Chevrolet Corvette has proudly worn round taillights for most of its history, before abandoning them for the C7 generation onwards. The C8, however, took the non-round taillights to a new level, featuring a dramatic one-piece design that had never been seen before. Now the aftermarket is stepping in to bring this classic design element to the C8.

As reported by Motor1, the round taillights are the work of Competition Carbon, which specializes in body kits for Corvettes and Lamborghini Huracans. The lights completely replace the stock Camaro-esque units. Instead, they feature a housing that neatly blends with the car's lines at the rear, while featuring two round LED rings on each side. The lenses are clear, though a Facebook post indicates that they can be smoked for a darker look if so desired.

The company is currently taking 50% deposits for the parts, which are yet to enter full production. Pricing for a full set looks to be $1,500, with deliveries expected to begin at the end of July. The lights are compatible with both the regular C8 and the Z06, which both use the same taillight design.

It's neat to see the C8 wearing taillights that harken back to the designs of earlier Corvettes. However, the design of these taillights is necessarily a compromise. The round elements aren't neatly integrated into the bodywork of the car. Instead, they're sitting in a larger carrier that has to take the place of the original factory lights.

Some suggest the design makes the mid-engined C8 look more like a Ferrari. We'll leave judgment on that up to the comments section.

In renders posted by the company, they look great in contrasting black, and not as great when color-matched to suit a white car. Currently, Competition Carbon offers the lights in GM's Carbon Flash color, as well as bare carbon fiber. Social media comments indicate that paint matching will be available on a case-by-case basis only.

Expect round taillights to become a hot mod amongst the C8 faithful. Competition Carbon may be one of the first to develop a kit, but they're unlikely to be the last. Bonus points to anyone who ports over the squircles from the C4 era.

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