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A Literal Warehouse of Air-Cooled Porsche Parts Is Up for Auction Right Now

The winner will never have to go parts hunting again.
Bring a Trailer

If you’ve ever dreamed of opening your own air-cooled Porsche restoration shop, you may be in luck. A literal warehouse full of air-cooled Porsche parts, including thousands of different components, is currently up for auction on Bring a Trailer. The entire collection is being sold as a whole and it seems to have enough in it to fully build about 50 classic Porsches.

The lot comes from Henry Schmidt, owner of Supertec Performance in Fallbrook, California. Schmidt has been selling Porsche parts for 38 years and anything you can imagine needing for a vintage Porsche is in it. There are a few comments on the listing showing their admiration for Schmidt’s business, so it would seem that these parts can be trusted to be in good, working condition. There are 50 engine casings, as well as countless cylinder heads, crankshafts, connecting rods, valves, pistons, and everything in between.

Bring a Trailer

It isn’t just engine parts, though. There are entire gearboxes, flywheels, suspension components, entire coilover setups, brake rotors, interior parts, and even body panels. Aside from bare chassis, there’s really nothing you can’t find for an air-cooled Porsche in Schmidt’s collection. And it’s all in meticulous order, making it easy for whoever buys the collection to keep it organized through the shipping process. The warehouse isn’t included in the sale, so being able to get the parts out in an organized manner should make the buying process much easier.

Bring a Trailer

I could totally see a Jerry Seinfeld-type buying up all these parts to keep their massive collection of classic Porsches in constant tip-top condition. If I were an air-cooled Porsche owner, I’d dream of walking through this collection and just picking out every part that I needed, like a kid in a candy store.

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