A High-Performance Ford F-150 Lightning Stunt Truck Is Coming Soon

Ford has already built multiple EVs making way more than 1,000 hp. This is likely the next.

byCaleb Jacobs|
A High-Performance Ford F-150 Lightning Stunt Truck Is Coming Soon
Jim Farley via Twitter

Ford clearly knows that marketing electric vehicles shouldn't stop at talks of fuel savings and tax credits. The Blue Oval automaker wants you to know EVs have the potential to be ridiculously quick—if a little dystopian and, sure, nauseating at full-throttle. This has already been proven by the seven-motor Mustang Mach-E 1400, the wild 1,973-horsepower Ford SuperVan, and the battery-powered Cobra Jet drag racer, and up next is a wild F-150 Lightning stunt truck.

We don't know much about it yet because Ford CEO Jim Farley teased it on Twitter Wednesday night. You can see here that he's showing it to Daniel Ricciardo, Red Bull F1's third driver, which makes sense. Ford and Red Bull are building hype for their F1 powertrain partnership in 2026, so it's only right that the team's most lovable personality is involved in this marketing move.

Independent of its corporate purpose, this F-150 Lightning is going to be sick. You can already see just by Farley lifting up the car cover that it rides lower, has bright graphics, and wears sport-style wheels. It'd be a bummer if Ford went through all that just to keep the powertrain stock, but it won't.

I'd almost bet that this truck will have the same crazy powertrain as the aforementioned Mustangs. Ford seems to really like that 1,400-hp figure. Then again, it could go all-out and give it nearly 2,000 hp like the SuperVan. It almost makes no difference after a certain point, but regardless, it'll be neat to see what it can do in capable hands, perhaps Ricciardo's.

Since Farley said we'll see it "soon," it might be unveiled during the Chicago Auto Show that's happening now. That's no guarantee but you can count on it being accompanied by some killer cinematography and a post here on The Drive.

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