This Perfect Survivor 1996 Ford F-150 Costs the Same as a Brand-New Pickup Truck

For $46,900, would you take this over a 2019 Ford F-150?

byCaleb Jacobs|
This Perfect Survivor 1996 Ford F-150 Costs the Same as a Brand-New Pickup Truck

Classic, low-mile pickup trucks command a premium on the collector market with the trend continually sparking thanks to nostalgiac buyers. For most, it was a truck they had in their teenage years or perhaps one they grew up riding around in with their family that brings back the memories. In turn, people are paying massive sums for what, in reality, are standard ol' pickups—whether they be in good or not-so-good shape. Luckily, this 1996 Ford F-150 happens to fall in the former category, although it's lofty asking price of $46,900 is enough to make anyone do a double-take.

The white-and-red two-tone Ford has traveled about 40,000 miles in its 23 years on Earth, which is considerably low when compared to many trucks of this vintage. It's been owned by the same family since new and was treated to a recent cosmetic restoration, though the interior, paint, and body are all-original.

Equipped with a 5.0-liter V8 and an automatic transmission, this is a highly optioned example that would've been one of the nicest trucks on the lot in '96. Power windows, power locks, a tilting steering wheel, and cruise control reinforce that idea, and the addition of a 4-inch lift kit helps round out a clean look that's also complimented by aftermarket wheels and upsized BF Goodrich tires.

The Ford's interior is equally pristine with grey cloth seats as well as a matching headliner and dash. There don't appear to be any major cracks or scratches, and overall, it's as clean on the inside as it on the outside.

While it's a plus that everything's been kept in such nice condition, you can still buy a new Ford F-150 XLT for the same price, or even cheaper depending on rebates and discounts. That'll more than likely make it a hard sell to the typical buyer, but as we've come to learn, never put anything past anyone.

Financing is available for those who might not have all the cash to pay for it up front. With 10 percent down ($4,690), a seven percent interest rate, and a 72-month term, the monthly payment clocks in at $719.64. 

I'm no financial advisor, but at least sleep on a decision like this before springing for the days of your youth. Otherwise, you might regret it.