Watch the Ford GT Plow Through a Giant Puddle During Water Testing

Just pretend you're skipping a $450,000 rock that can hit 216 mph.

Ford Performance/Youtube

Sometime the thorough testing done by auto manufacturers can get a little bizarre. Don’t get us wrong, we appreciate how thorough manufacturers are when testing their products—but occasionally, the tests get a little ridiculous.

Take Ford’s testing of the new GT. Ford tests all their vehicles in the water, and the high-performance GT is no exception. The extremely low to the ground vehicle blasts into the shallow basin and flies over the water, diffusing it in directions normally intended for airflow. 

As you can see, the GT performs well in the test and does not appear to lose any control. Still, we don’t expect many GT owner to take their vehicle through massive puddles any time soon.

If you have forgotten, the GT is powered by a 3.5-liter twin-turbocharged V6 that cranks out 647 horsepower and is capable of hitting 216 miles per hour. The vehicle’s sticker price is also north of $450,000...if you can get your hands on one.