The New Ford Ranger Website Is Officially Online

The site is mostly just a tease for Ford's upcoming mid-sized pickup before it arrives in 2019. But still.

The next few years will be filled with all kinds of desirable sheetmetal, but few upcoming vehicles check the boxes of being both enticing and attainable as the new Ford Ranger and its Bronco sibling. As Ford admitted at this year’s Detroit Auto Show, the pickup will be the first to arrive…although that still won’t be until 2019. Nevertheless, the dudes and dames from Dearborn clearly want to keep people excited for the new mid-sized truck, so the company has already launched the website for the new Ford Ranger.

There’s not a lot of substance to the site yet—it’s little more than a picture of a noble mountain range, a couple sentences of sales copy, and a picture of some artfully-arranged outdoor gear—but it’s enough to make clear that Ford plans to aim the new Ranger at the sort of nature lovers who take pride in their memberships to both REI and the National Geographic Society. 

It also highlights the new Ranger’s off-road ability, albeit in vague terms. “Off-the-grid adventures are just down the road. Or around the lake. Or on the trail. Or up the mountain,” the page reads. “And here comes the capability to do them right: The all-new Ford Ranger.”


Well, at the very least, there’s a button at the bottom of the site you can click to sign up for more information as it become available. Which, if you’ve read this far in this story…you probably should.