There’s Already a 2017 Ford F-150 Raptor on Sale…for $75K

Which, in case you'd forgotten, is a bit more than Ford says it costs.

Roughly a week after the journalists were given their chance to hoon the new Ford Raptors off-road, some examples of the new dirt-loving truck have made their way to dealerships across America. In fact, some dealerships already have some new Raptors in stock, such as this $74,000 example The Drive learned about in Kentucky.

As revealed by Ford spokesperson Mike Levine on Twitter, Paul Miller Ford Mazda in Lexington, Kentucky has a new 2017 Ford F-150 Raptor SuperCrew in Lightning Blue listed on for roughly $26,000 more than the off-road trim truck starts at‚and around $4,000 more than the value that the Raptor tops out at. From the listing, it’s unclear how much the dealership might have added for a gouging market value pricing adjustment, but it seems like the

That said, that price is nowhere near as steep as some of the other listings we’ve seen for new Raptors that haven’t even arrived in their dealerships yet—like, for example, this all-but-detail-less listing for a Raptor on sale for $120,000.

Though there are a ton of listings for the new Raptor on car sale sites like, many of the cars listed are likely in transit—it’s not uncommon for dealers to list cars they’ve ordered or are in-transit before they actually take delivery of the vehicle. Unlike most of those listings, this Kentucky dealership actually posted pictures of the truck in question—as did Freedom Ford Lincoln in Wise, Virginia, which hasn’t listed a price yet.

That said, people are clamoring for the new Raptors—so if you want one of these trucks and don’t want to spend what we assume will be months waiting for one ordered from the factory to arrive, odds seem good you’ll be spending a bit more than MSRP to park one in your driveway.