Ford Bronco Construction Details Revealed

Loosely a mix of the Ranger and Australian Everest model.

We’ve heard all kinds of hoop-lah regarding the 2020 Bronco. Purists want simplicity like a V8 and two doors while newcomers want a totally capable off-road wheeler; but it seems as if it won’t fit the bill for either. Many specifics are yet to be released, but Ford did announce that it will share construction with the forthcoming Ranger pickup, as well as the Australian market Everest SUV. Body-on-frame, unique styling, and four doors only.

With that being said about styling, we still don’t know how it’ll look. Ford hasn’t told anyone, and we’re left with renders of what could be. When announced earlier in the week at NAIAS 2017, Ford simply flashed a Bronco emblem on the screen, leaving our questions unanswered. The Everest, pictured here, is a hefty unit that blends utility and convenience — the same ethos may carry over to the Bronco. While we may have hoped for a rugged adventure mobile, it could very well end up being a slightly bolder SUV. Does that come as disappointment? Sort of.

However, it will stay true to the SUV recipe of body-on-frame architecture. This will keep the spirit alive, in a sense, that reminds us of the Bronco from yesteryear. The last Bronco was in 1996, so of course times have changed, leading us to believe that we’ll see a host of modern innovations that make the Bronco more capable than the last. Again, Ford hasn’t released any specifics on off-road tech, but each of their current models with proper 4WD feature terrain-selection modes to give optimal traction in various conditions, so expect that in the least.

Ford hasn’t given a timeline on when they will unveil the Bronco. We expect it to debut at a stage as large as the hype, but we don’t know how soon.  Until then, their will be a bandwagon of hopefuls waiting for the news — including us.