Next Generation GMC Terrain Revealed at Detroit Auto Show

It will receive a total design overhaul for 2018.

In the past, the GMC Terrain has suffered from a slight identity crisis. Aside from the badge on the front, its shared styling with the Chevrolet Equinox made it hard to tell them apart, making for a clear case of badge engineering. For 2018, the manufacturer is looking to change that, giving it an almost entirely different look from its platform-mate. The next GMC Terrain looks to be a contemporary crossover with plenty of character.

The design differences for the 2018 Terrain are obvious. Strong angles and rounded lighting make for a modern exterior, sharing nothing with its 2017 predecessor. In fact, it only shares three styling characteristics with the Equinox — the windshield, front door glass, and roof panel. By adding in subtle features like the “hidden” C/D pillar, it makes the exterior flow with a unique ease that we haven’t seen on previous models. It continues on the modern design language that Mike Simcoe began with the new Acadia.

For the first time, drivetrain options will be another high-point for the Terrain. A V6 selection has been ditched completely in favor of turbo fours, including the 2.0L featured in other GM models like the Camaro and ATS. A smaller but still turbocharged 1.5L will be the base engine, giving you 170 HP and above 200 lb. ft. of torque. It can be paired with the optional nine-speed automatic, a first for the Terrain. A 1.6L turbodiesel rounds out the range, giving increased fuel economy and torque over the entry-level engine. Front wheel drive is standard with all wheel drive being optional.

This generation marks what will hopefully be a new trend for the Acadia. Stellar engine choices and crisp styling make it a real competitor in its class, especially when fitted with the Denali package as many of them are. Pricing will range from the mid-$20,000s to high $30,000s. Collectively, it will represent GM well in the upper-end CUV segment.