F-150 Crashes Into Advanced Auto Parts During Traffic Stop

This dude REALLY believes in the saying, "When in doubt, throttle out."

Hey, we get it: getting pulled over blows. But this particular traffic stop is exceptionally bad due to wee a little mishap on the driver’s part.

The initial traffic stop goes smoothly; the officer approaches the vehicle and establishes contact with the suspect. Although we don’t know what happened prior to the recording, we do know the officer wanted to establish contact with the suspect quickly, and did so by opening the door.

The audio is a little mumbled during the recording, but you can hear the officer say that he saw the suspect up on some road and then, right before all hell breaks loose, the officer says, “You got your vehicle in park?” 

(Spoiler alert: The vehicle was not in park.)

Instead, the truck darts forward, full throttle, into the Advanced Auto Parts. The officer initially grabs onto the door and B-pillar but quickly lets go, realizing he just grabbed what had basically become a missile.

Once the F-150 flies through the front window, the vehicle proceeds to do a burnout through the store until it gets caught on shelving. Rather than letting off that gas, the driver continues to punch it until the video kicks out. We don’t know if the operator was suffering from a medical issue, under the influence, or just nervous—but whatever the case may be, his bad got a whole hell of a lot worse.