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Ford F-150 Raptor Crashes Into Pool With Lady Still Inside

Luckily, the lady survived the terrifying ordeal.

At approximately 4:30 pm yesterday a Ford Raptor crashed into a pool in the Allied Gardens area of San Diego, California. According to various social media accounts and news outlets, the Ford Raptor was driven by a 68 year-old male directly leading up to the accident. The male exited the vehicle to drop something off at his kid’s house when the Raptor began to roll down the hill with his wife still inside.

The wife was unable to exit the vehicle and was taken along for the ride of her life. The Ford Raptor barreled through a yard and two fences before ending up in a neighbor’s pool. The Raptor quickly became submerged with the women trapped inside. Gabriel Mejia was working several houses over when he heard the accident. Thinking on his feet, Mejia jumped into the pool, broke the window with a brick and extricated the women. 

The lady was treated by San Diego Fire-Rescue and transported to a local hospital. As can see in the Instagram posts below, the incident gained traction in the Raptor community.