Audi Brings Back the Manual A4 and Ferrari Builds a V8 GTC4 Lusso: The Evening Rush

Plus, a 9,000-lumen flashlight and discounted Fitbits.

byMax Goldberg|
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In 2016, Audi deprived enthusiasts of a six-speed manual in the A4. Now, though, the German auto manufacturer has thrown us a bone and decided to bring the six-speed manual back. However, the manual will only be available in the 252-hp 2.0-liter model quipped with Quattro. Expect to see it in dealerships this fall,starting at $40,350.

Ferrari plans to reveal a twin turbocharged 3.9-liter V8 GTC4Lusso at the Paris Auto Show. Until now, the GTC4Lusso was powered by a honking V12, but Ferrari now wants to add an “entry level” V8. The 601-hp power plant is a modified version of the V8 currently found in the 488 GTB. The new Ferrari's name, by the way? The GTC4LussoT.

If (for some reason) you need to buy a bulletproof ultra-luxury limosine, Mercedes-Benz has the answer for you. The Mercedes-Maybach S600 Pullman Guard is a bulletproof, bombproof, whatever-you-can-think-up-proof limo that makes IED-detection trucks look wimpy. Powered by a 530-hp V12, this tank can still manage to get out of Dodge if the threat seems too great. However, be prepared to shell out $1.56 million if you want to own one of these monsters.


If you are looking for a new tactical backpack to store all your gear, don’t look any further than the Prophet 33 by SOG Knives. This tough-as-nails backpack has plenty of pockets, tie downs, emergency whistles, and reinforced stitching to ensure it will hold up to your toughest adventure.

Hot damn—you can purchase a 9,000 lumen flashlight the size of a Coke can these days. The X7 Marauder is an impressive flashlight that can illuminate a backyard, forest, or even a runway with its immense power. However, if 9,000 lumens seems a bit excessive, you can tone down the light to 3,000 lumens.



Don’t forget, the Ferrari Challenge is taking place at Lime Rock Park this weekend. Tickets are still available so head over to to get yours.

I'm sure you know all about the benefits of the Fitbit, so I'm not gonna beat a dead horse by talking it up. Instead, I'll just tell you that Steep & Cheap has them for 15 percent off right now.

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