This Company Will Let Your 10-Year-Old Kid Drive Lamborghinis on Track

Just hope your child has been practicing their trail braking before they go too hard into the hairpin.

Companies all over the world offer track day experiences to paying customers, letting drivers get a taste of flinging a powerful supercar around the bends at their local race circuit. Typically, concerns around safety and insurance limit this to licensed drivers capable of laying down a hefty security deposit before stepping into the car. However, one British firm isn’t afraid to let kids behind the wheel of a powerful Italian supercar, as Motor1 reports.

Yes, the aptly-named TrackDays will allow 10 to 17-year-olds to drive a Ferrari 458 Italia or Lamborghini Gallardo LP 570 Performante around a race track, no licence required. As part of the company’s Junior Platinum Supercar experience, young enthusiasts can pilot a supercar for up to 6 miles around the track, while under supervision from an adult instructor, of course. “We are incredibly excited to be able to bring this experience to kids who probably never imagined that they could end up driving the car of their dreams,” said TrackDays’s Dan Jones.

6 miles isn’t a huge distance, only adding up to 2 or 3 laps on some of the circuits TrackDays operates on, like Cadwell Park in Linconshire, England. However, prices are relatively affordable, with sessions starting at £79, or approximately $103 USD. The experiences can be purchased for tracks all over the UK, including Anglesey Circuit as seen on Fifth Gear, and Dunsfold Park in Surrey made famous by Top Gear.

Other hot metal is available too, including a McLaren 570S or a Nissan GT-R if your child’s tastes are less Italocentric in nature. Of course, there are some basic requirements, primarily a minimum height of 5 feet, give or take depending on the car, presumably to enable the child to reach the pedals. Children can also be taken on a high-speed passenger ride by a qualified instructor to add to the experience.

Crashes of rental supercars aren’t rare; we can name three


incidents just off the top of our head without trying. Putting a child in the driver’s seat, who has even less experience than the average adult driver, seems fraught with danger. However, it may just be that TrackDays has a particularly flexible insurance broker, or simply no fear in the world. Either way, if you’re in the UK and your 10th birthday is coming up, start hinting now and you might just be hooning a Lamborghini by summer.

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