Check out the Top 10 Supercar Track Rental Fails

From broken cars to broken egos, a lot can happen when you put ordinary people behind the wheel of supercars.

PUBLISHED Nov 16, 2017 5:14 PM
Check out the Top 10 Supercar Track Rental Fails

Xtreme Xperience is one of the only legitimate arrive and drive exotic track experiences in the United States. There are alternative experiences that give you some laps in a Ferrari or Lamborghini in a large coned-off parking lot, but you never get to leave second gear or go above 50 mph. Xtreme Xperience, however, travels the country visiting many popular race tracks with its fleet of supercars. According to Xtreme Xperience CMO Joe Moore, it has done 125,000 driving experiences. With that many experiences, things are bound to go wrong sometimes. 

Moore sat down with the VINwiki YouTube channel to talk about the top 10 craziest Xtreme Xperience situations since it began offering its arrive and drive exotic experience service. 

Personally, I have taken part in Xtreme Xperience's arrive and drive service a few times. Driving a Lamborghini Huracan, a Porsche 911 GT3, and a Ferrari 458 Italia. In the 458, Xtreme Xperience helped me set a track record no one will think to break. Slowest hot lap at New Jersey Motorsports Park driving the Ferrari 458 while not driving over 25 mph for three consecutive laps on the Lightning Circuit.

In VINwiki's video, you get to hear about the learning curve of transporting supercars, how customers may not always want to get what they think they want out of the experience, customer mistakes, and of course damage to supercars. You get some visual record of the damage done to the cars and a picture of a cow. Yes, a cow. I won't spoil why there is a cow in an exotic car top 10 fail list for you—for that you will have to check out the video.

Check out VINwiki's Top 10 Supercar Track Rental Fails video below.