The Land Rover Defender Trophy Off-Road Competition Is a Mental and Physical Workout

Also from Car Bibles this week: ’80s car nostalgia, electric car testing in the Midwest, and more.

byAndrew P. Collins|
Land Rover News photo

The Car Bibles crew has been out and about a lot lately. Over the last few days, Peter Nelson reported from Land Rover's Defender Trophy competition with some cool POV video to bring you into the action. Back in Ohio, Kevin Williams has begun a big electric car test to see how hard it is to get around in an EV without home charging.

We've also got some hot takes on the increasingly digital future and a little retrospective on the era of pop-up headlights.

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Completing Land Rover’s Trophy Competition Left Me With New Friends and Sore Arms

The Land Rover Trophy was an adventurous opportunity for the 220 folks who bought the limited-production 2022 Land Rover Defender Trophy Edition. It came in the form of a day-long competition at the Biltmore Estate in Asheville, North Carolina, where owners would bring along teammates and undergo a series of skills and physical challenges, with some GPS navigation and off-road driving thrown in for good measure. Rest assured, the latter was legitimately challenging in some instances.

This video gets you a great impression of what this "Camel Trophy Lite" was like to compete in, complete with some POV Hi-Lift operation!

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The Hyundai Kona Electric’s High Card is Its Familiar Blend of Normalcy

This is the first car review in a new Car Bibles series, EV Explorer. The purpose is to explore what electric car ownership is like for renters who don't have home charging and don't live in a coastal city. As for the Kona EV, it's pretty refined for a compact car, and the electric version is nice to drive. Check out the post for more details.

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Toyota’s Big EV Show Reminds Me of Chrysler in 2008

Kevin Williams has a mildly skeptical take on Toyota's big EV lineup reveal. Does anybody else remember Chrysler's electric car concepts from the last decade?

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I Don’t Want To Ride in an Ad-Saturated Augmented Reality

A flashy EV startup promises a sexy car coupled with a completely remote driving experience. The dream, apparently, is to make riding in a car look like a video game. Not everybody's into it.

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Please Enjoy This Utterly Chill Celebration of Pop-Up Headlights

Here's a chaser of nostalgia after that shot of ominous futurism. My friend Brad Hansen back in California made this amazing montage of pop-up headlights and the cars they're attached to as a kind of retro ASMR-type clip and it's lovely.

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