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Save a Whopping 39 Percent on Razor’s Crazy Cart XL Right Now

You know you're just a big ol' kid looking to drift whenever the fancy arrives.

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While 2JZ, twin-turbo Coyote, and Judd V10-powered drift cars have a bazillion horsepower, can reverse entry like they were delivering tofu, and produce volcano-grade plumes of smoke, they’re extremely expensive and dangerous in the hands of regular driving enthusiasts. That’s not the case with Razor’s Crazy Cart XL, a baby drifter designed to satisfy the drift itch without breaking the bank and necessitating a Hans device. 

And right now, it’s 39 percent off at Amazon.

I’ve personally spent entirely too much time drifting these machines and can attest that these carts will plaster a smile on your face that’ll make it hurt for days. You haven’t lived until it’s 9 p.m. on the first day of an auto show, you’ve been supplied with booze since the early afternoon, and someone asks, “Hey, you want to test a Crazy Cart?!” It’s peak giggle-inducing joy. 

Better yet, if you’re rolling on these with your friends, you won’t lose a bumper or side skirt if you start bashing into one another, which on a normal drift car can add up to a couple thousand dollars quickly. Head on over to Amazon and get you the most drift fun you can have this side of a clapped-out E36 BMW with a big turbo kit and a hydro handbrake.