Get Your Holiday Shopping Done Now With The Drive’s Black Friday Sale

Take 20 percent off everything in the swag store, from T-shirts to hats to coffee mugs and more.

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Ah, Thanksgiving. That special time of year where we sit down with friends and family, reflect on all that we have to be grateful for, and tell ourselves this is the year where we’re not going to put off holiday shopping until the very last minute. Thankfully (heh), your friendly neighborhood car site has an easy solution: a big ol’ merch sale

From Wednesday 11/24 through Monday 11/29, everything on The Drive Store—that’s T-shirts, hats, sweatshirts, mugs, stickers, posters and more—is 20 percent off, no silly discount code needed. The sale price will be applied at checkout, and it covers both The Drive and The War Zone swag. Twenty percent off! You can do a lot with those kinds of savings, like buying a gallon of gas to flip on the black market. (Don’t do that.)

The Drive

If you’re looking for inspiration, I’m a big fan of our Stuttgart/Seinfeld shirt, our Stratos poster, and the classic coffee mug. If I had kids, they’d all be getting matching black Tees with our logo splashed across the front, and maybe the polo shirt version for family photos. My imaginary kids and I are classy like that. And I’d be remiss if I didn’t point out that I showed up to Radwood SoCal last weekend with a fistful of free stickers, all of which were snagged by lunch. Grab a few while you’re at it. We can’t tell you to slap them all over town, but we can’t stop you from doing so either.

Again, the sale runs Wednesday 11/24 through Monday 11/29, but we can’t control the supply chain any more than a car company can! Things will sell out, so jump on whatever you want ASAP. And most of all: have a happy Thanksgiving, everyone.


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