Best Tool Bags: Lug Around Your Equipment with Ease

Conveniently carry all your favorite tools anywhere with these high-quality tool bags

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PUBLISHED ON October 10, 2019

Keeping your tools in one convenient toolbox is a great way to keep them organized. However, there may be a time when you need to bring them somewhere else, and carrying around the toolbox just won’t cut it. That’s when an easy-to-carry tool bag comes in handy. You can store all the necessary items inside neatly and securely to complete your project. Here are some of the best tool bags to make life a little easier.

  • Best Overall
    CLC Custom LeatherCraft Multi-Compartment 50 Pocket Tool Bag
    The bag features 50 pockets for convenience and organization. The large center compartment is designed to carry more cumbersome tools.
    The spill-proof design prevents tools from falling or spilling out. The bag is developed out of heavy-duty poly fabric, poly ballistic trim, and binding with padded handles.
    The strap isn’t the sturdiest and can fray over time. Plus, even without tools weighing it down, the bag is heavy by itself.
  • Best Value
    Dewalt Tool Bag
    Dewalt’s bag comes with 28 pockets to hold your tools. A non-slip padded shoulder strap makes carrying it more comfortable as well.
    The bag is made with heavy-duty poly and ballistic poly fabric for additional strength. Plus, included base pads protect the bottom from water damage.
    Tools in the exterior pockets and pouches may slide or fall out more easily. The material holding the strap together may tear more easily.
  • Honorable Mention
    Workpro Wide Mouth Tool Bag
    This multi-pocketed bag comes with eight on the inside, 13 exterior ones, and eight belts. The interior space is large and can hold a number of heavier tools.
    The bag is developed out of 600D polyester fabric for increased durability and reliability. Plus, the wide-open mouth gives you more freedom of movement when searching for tools.
    The zipper can be difficult to operate and can get snagged or stuck on the material. The pockets are also on the smaller side.

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  • Consider keeping the most useful or needed tools in the easiest-to-reach pockets. You don’t want to have to dig or search through tools to find what you need.
  • Make sure all the tools are firmly in their pouches before carrying the bag. They can fall out if they are not secured.
  • Make sure tools with sharp edges are pointed away from you when placing them in the bag. You don’t want to reach in and get accidentally cut.
  • If you want a tool bag to match the equipment you already own, you may be able to find a similar brand.


Q: Can I adjust the length of the shoulder strap on a tool bag?

A: To make the bag more comfortable on your shoulder, you can usually adjust the length of the strap. Bringing it closer to your torso may make things easier to carry while wearing it lower can increase the chance of back pain and make it more difficult to walk.

Q: How many tools can a bag carry?

A:  Bags are only rated to handle a certain amount of weight before they become too difficult to lift and carry efficiently. Only pack the tools you need when bringing the bag with you to make it lighter and easier for you to handle.

Q: Where should I keep a tool bag when I’m not using it?

A: When not using the bag, make sure you store it somewhere that it won’t get wet and animals can’t get to it. Water can weaken the fabric, while an animal may try to claw its way inside the bag. Consider storing it someplace high, like on a shelf or on top of your original toolbox.

Final Thoughts

For one of the strongest and most versatile tool bags on the market, consider the CLC Custom LeatherCraft Multi-Compartment 50 Pocket Tool Bag. Or there’s the budget-friendly Dewalt Tool Bag, which features a well-known name and a durable fabric capable of hauling a lot of tools.