C8 Corvette Procharger Kit Delivers Z06 Power You Can Buy Now

If you want your C8 to have around 670 hp but don’t wanna wait for the new Z06, then here’s your ticket.

byPeter Holderith|
Chevrolet News photo

Getting a regular C8 Corvette is hard enough these days, and the new Z06? Well, that's bound to be even tougher. If you want your 670 horsepower, though, you previously had few other options besides sitting tight and waiting for your chance. That's not the case anymore as thanks to ProCharger, Z06 power levels are here for the Corvette before the Z06 ever hits the streets.

On Wednesday, the company released what it claims to be the world's first supercharger kit for the C8, and it's the real deal. With a centrifugal blower making the boost, the system includes a water-air intercooler to help cool the charge. All in all, the kit increases the 6.2-liter V8's output to 675 horsepower—five more than the incoming Z06 and a whopping 180 hp over stock. This translates into a zero to 60 time near 2.6 seconds, and a quarter-mile trap speed of 130 mph. 

To be clear, this isn't some cobbled-together kit by a random tuning shop. ProCharger is one of the most reputable names in the industry when it comes to making big power with forced induction, and it's known for being a leader in centrifugal supercharging. As such, its kit isn't slamming boost into the engine to make the impressive power it is. In fact, the kit runs just 6.5 psi of peak pressure, which allows the use of regular pump gas.

As well as running conservative boost, the kit also comes with the aforementioned water-air intercooler integrated into a new intake manifold, and all of these new goodies can be installed without pulling the motor. Since the C8's engine accessory drive faces the firewall, ProCharger had to come up with a driveshaft that runs over one of the valve covers to send power to the supercharger itself at the back of the motor. Even with all of these new parts, the entire setup is reversible. If you're tired of your extra 180 horsepower, no problem. Just unbolt all of it and go back to stock.

This kit also doesn't require a tune and runs a stock ECU, which likely helps keep the total cost down. In total, this Stage 1 system will run you $12,899, which is certainly a chunk of change; however, it's so far the only C8 blower kit for sale, and it's made by a reputable company. Add in the fact that it's completely reversible and includes everything you need to get the job done—not just the supercharger itself—and it seems much more reasonable. 


What's even more exciting about the kit, outside of the Z06-matching power, is the fact that this is only the company's "Stage 1" system. In the future, we can expect ProCharger to extract even more neck-breaking performance from the first mid-engined 'Vette. Stay tuned for that.

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