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Mitsubishi Will Give You More Money on a Trade-In if Your Catalytic Converter’s Been Stolen

Nothing like piggybacking sales off of a terrible trend.

Mitsubishi is offering a very specific rebate to consumers so they can buy one of its new cars, and it can even be used in conjunction with any other offer the dealership is running. When you trade your car in, the dealership will give you a $750 rebate on any model as long as you meet the following criteria: you’re in Minnesota and you must have had your catalytic converter stolen. Yes, you read that right.

According to a report by CarsDirect, dealerships were recently issued a bulletin letting them know about the discount. Catalytic converter theft in Minnesota is so widespread that a bill was proposed this Monday in an attempt to curb it. More than 300 catalytic converters were stolen in St Paul alone between Jan. 1 and Feb. 15, and with replacement costing around $3,200 if it’s not covered by insurance, drivers are getting desperate. The proposed bill treats catalytic converter possession as criminal in the state unless you can prove ownership, of course.


“Hey, let me see those cat papers, there, boy.” – A Minnesota State cop, probably.

The price of the palladium in catalytic converters is currently very high, so they’re worth stealing even in sub-zero temperatures. Especially because it can take just seconds to remove one from a car. There isn’t a lot you can do to protect the catalytic converter either, since it basically needs to be exposed at the base of the car in the exhaust assembly to work. Police have recommended cameras and alarms as a deterrent, but nothing’s really worked.

Still, if you’re unlucky enough to get yours stolen in Minnesota then it appears that any Mitsu could be yours at a slight discount. Which definitely isn’t about Mitsubishi trying to shift more of their cars, of course, and doesn’t actually guarantee your new Mitsubishi’s catalytic converter won’t go the same way as the old one.

We reached out to a Mitsubishi spokesperson, who clarified the following criteria for receiving the discount:

  • $750 incentive toward the purchase of any new Mitsubishi vehicle, which can be added on top of any other incentives for which the customer may also be eligible. This offer will remain current until March 31, 2021.

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