Here’s a Weird Ad to Cope With the Existence of the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross

The piano-violin duet of I Wanna Rock by Twisted Sister in this commercial is…confusing.

byEric Brandt|

The all-new 2018 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross SUV is on its way to dealers right now and the automaker is getting the word out with a huge new media campaign. The Japanese brand is making its biggest media spend in 11 years with prominent placement of television ads on network and cable channels, Hulu, YouTube and even billboards. In particular, this 60-second commercial called “A Classic Reborn" referring to the original Mitsubishi Eclipse sports car (that saw four generations before being phased out in 2012) is accompanied by the "classic," and odd music choice of Twisted Sister.

It’s kind of a weird ad because of the music. If we look at just the video portion, it’s a fairly normal commercial showing off the styling and technology of the Eclipse Cross with an emphasis on features like the infotainment system and Super All-Wheel Control. The music is a duet performed by Damien Escobar and William Joseph playing I Wanna Rock by Twisted Sister on piano and violin.

I must admit, the first time I watched this I couldn’t tell what the song was, but I knew I was supposed to know what it was. I had to read the description of the video to figure out it was I Wanna Rock, and even then I could only kind of tell that’s what it was. It’s just a  peculiar music choice that adds some confusion to an otherwise fine commercial showing off a new crossover.

Remember when Mitsubishi made cool, fast, fun sports cars? Well, it’s 2018 now, and Mitsubishi is pretty much a crossover brand. Mitsubishi knows that crossovers are the way to make profits these days, which the brand sorely needed, and its recent and significant shift from cars to crossovers has been paying off handsomely.

Look for the Eclipse Cross to start showing up in showrooms, TV screens, computer monitors, and smartphones shortly.