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Watch This Man Reach Peak Relaxation and Light Up a Cigarette During a Spirit Airlines Flight

He appeared to have enjoyed quite a few brewskies, too.

A woman in a Spirit Airlines flight headed to Minneapolis International Airport on May 21 shows a man making himself at home and lighting a cigarette mid-flight. It’s unknown what caused the bearded man to forget about the federal laws prohibiting this, but as the video shows, he was quickly reminded of them when a nearby passenger flagged down an attendant.

The woman filming claimed on the video’s description that the man looked inebriated when he boarded the plane and made several loud outbursts throughout the flight. We’re not exactly sure what “loud outbursts” means, but we’ll take a guess and say it was farting. Shortly before the plane began its descent, the man sat up and pulled out a cigarette, having forgotten that he’s on a flight (or anywhere on earth, for that matter), sparking a smoke as he lounges back without a care in the world.

Understandably so, another passenger becomes alarmed and calls over a flight attendant, who puts out the smoke. Apart from, you know, smoking on an airplane in mid-flight, the man didn’t cause any other issues and was removed from the plane by airport police upon arrival.

This is far from the only newsworthy story from the friendly skies. Late last year the rapper Lil Pump was arrested for disorderly conduct after TSA smelled marijuana in his bags. Another incident involved a man peeing on the seat in front of him, and another with a woman having her toddler use a portable potty on a flight. To be fair to American passengers, several of these issues occurred on international flights, but we contribute our fair share of airborne oddities as well, including pus-oozing legs.

While we don’t know what the cigarette-smoking man’s fate will be, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) isn’t having any of this nonsense. The maximum fine for smoking on a plane is $25,000, and even though incidents like these are exceedingly rare, some people have been smacked with massive fines for acting up mid-flight.

h/t: Autoevolution