Video Proof Why You Shouldn’t Cross Multiple Lanes For a Highway Exit

Sometimes you have to just swallow your pride and miss the exit.

Maybe you missed the exit sign or perhaps you just can’t get around the massive tractor trailer in the lane next to you. No matter how you slice it, you’re boned if you don’t make that offramp, so what do you do? Either miss your exit or endanger yourself and all the other motorists around you by crossing multiple lanes of traffic. 

Which of those two options sounds better?

If you asked the driver in the video below before and after he or she caused a three-car accident, the person probably would’ve had two different answers. And if you asked the two motorists who the impatient driver crashed into, they would’ve had two very strong stances.

It is also worth mentioning that the sun was already inhibiting visibility on that side of the highway, making driving conditions dangerous way before the bonehead move. Poor conditions all around for cutting off two drivers in an attempt to reach the exit.