BMW Hasn’t Built a New 6-Series Coupe Since February 2017

Gran Coupe and Convertible models march on.

You know those people at the office who you were introduced to on your first day and have never really talked to since? You know of their existence and might even exchange nods when you’re both in the break room. But really, if they disappeared off the face of the earth tomorrow, you honestly might never even notice. Looks like the BMW 6-Series Coupe was just one of those people.

According to a BMW spokesperson speaking to Road & Track, BMW apparently hasn’t built a hardtop, two-door version of the 6-Series since February. Did you notice? Neither did we. The four-door Gran Coupe and Convertible 6ers will continue to be made. You can still probably find 6-Series Coupes on sale at BMW dealerships, but once those run out it’s the end of the line for traditional coupe GT cars from BMW… until the two-door 8-Series eventually drops.

In the presence of the more practical Gran Coupe and the open-air thrills of the Convertible, it’s not hard to see why modern 6-Series customers might see the Coupe as a weird “worst of both worlds” offering. Structural rigidity? People who care about such things aren’t likely to be looking at large, grand tourers such as the 6-Series, anyways.

Welcome to 2017, where crossovers are the new sedans and sedans are the new coupes.